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Pastor Jeremy

Executive Pastor

Jeremy's story is a testament to the profound impact of influential figures, the power of divine intervention, and the importance of embracing one's calling with unwavering faith.

For Jeremy, his journey into ministry began with a deep understanding of the importance of his relationship with Christ. His grandmother, lovingly referred to as "Nanny,” poured her life into Jeremy, encouraging his singing and instilling in him a deep faith. Despite having limited education and facing personal hardships, Nanny's unwavering support, love, and faith left a lasting impact on him.

Further influencing his path was Max Pendleton, the pastor emeritus of The Heights. Max taught him the importance of being satisfied with whatever else he could do in life, but also recognizing that when God calls, it's time to take action. Jeremy was particularly close to Max's son, Randy, a police officer who tragically lost his life in the line of duty at a young age. That event, along with Max’s words “we are but a vapor, make it count” reminds Jeremy of the brevity and preciousness of life.

Throughout his journey, Jeremy experienced moments of divine intervention that shaped his faith and purpose. One such moment was witnessing the passing of his grandmother, which made him confront the fragility of life and reinforced his path to ministry. Two days after Jeremy prayed for grace and peace for his grandmother, she peacefully passed away, reaffirming his commitment to God. Another powerful intervention was when Jeremy and his wife, Dee, experienced the heartbreak of a miscarriage. Jeremy turned to God in trust and surrender. Inspired by singer Jeremy Camp's resilience and joy in the face of adversity, he prayed for God's will. Miraculously, two weeks later, his wife became pregnant with their son, Solomon, bringing newfound hope and joy.

Jeremy cherishes the transformative experience of holding his son, Solomon, for the first time. In that moment, he grasped the immense love of a father for his child, drawing a parallel to the boundless love God has for His children. The memory of that profound connection, as their hands intertwined, remains etched in Jeremy's heart, and serves as a constant reminder of God's love.

As Jeremy raises his children, he reflects on the importance of giving them free will and doing his best as a parent. He embraces the concept of letting go, not only for parents but for everyone, and recognizes that each person's path is unique and guided by the Holy Spirit. Jeremy finds fulfillment in bridging gaps through ministry, meeting physical needs first to open the door for meaningful conversations. He understands that only Christ can change hearts and that his role as a pastor is to guide and support, but ultimately, it is God who saves.

Outside of his ministry, Jeremy finds joy in running and cooking. Breakfast holds a special place in his heart as the first meal of the day, symbolizing new beginnings. He cherishes the tradition of gathering his family around the table for breakfast and Sunday dinners, always ensuring his loved ones never forget their roots and the love that binds them together.

(704) 827-8474 ext. 105

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