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Free Indeed

By taking care of our bodies, we are better equipped to take care of our minds and souls. Free Indeed emphasizes the importance of holistic wellness in a non-judgmental atmosphere. By incorporating light weights and working out to praise music, you can find motivation and encouragement as you work towards your fitness goals with other like-minded people. We share a common interest in getting healthy, both inside and out, and are able to support one another in not only our own health, but the health and wellbeing of our community through local outreach.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”
(John 8:36)
Graphic Pattern representing three trumpets for evangelism

Join Our Workouts

Every Monday & Thursday
in the Worship Center


Group of people working out with weights in the Worship Center at Free Indeed Ministry
Light Weight Training

We begin the class with 30 minutes of light weight training to build muscle and increase strength. Weights are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

Exercise Class

Class continues for another hour with more great Christian music and exercise. If you don't have your own exercise mat, we do have some available. 

Group of people doing a core workout at Free Indeed Ministry

A Place of Community

Photo of Trena Grindstaff posing with other member of The Heights church during a volunteer soup kitchen.

Trena Grindstaff

I have been attending Taebo/Free Indeed Exercise Ministry for over 10 years. Simply put, I LOVE IT! This is a ministry, not just an exercise class. We participate in many volunteer activities and hold our own events to enable us to help others. We exercise our bodies, minds and most importantly, our faith! We do weight training and exercise to very uplifting Christian music and begin each class with prayer. We have class members of all ages which is fun and I treasure the friendships I have made in this class. We have three wonderful, dedicated leaders, Becky Westbrook, Linda Ellison, and Ernie Crawford. The classes are free! We recently renamed our class Free Indeed Exercise Ministry because we know we are free indeed thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ!

"Every day should be a day of worship for believers."
-Pastor Raymond
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