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Prayer Force

Prayer is a powerful tool for seeking guidance, healing, and strength from God. The act of praying together also brings people closer, fostering a sense of community and shared support. Prayer Force provides a place for prayer, where you can gather with others to offer up requests and concerns without fear of judgment or persecution. Being there for someone who needs prayers can also have a profound impact on their life. When someone is going through a difficult time, knowing that they have people who care and are willing to pray for them can provide comfort and hope.

"Don't give up. God answers persistent prayers."
-Pastor Raymond

Request a Prayer


Submitting a prayer request online is a powerful way to seek support from our dedicated Prayer Team. Whether you prefer to remain anonymous or provide your full contact details, we are committed to lifting your concerns and needs in prayer. Simply check the designated box if you would like a member of our prayer team to reach out to you after they have prayed. Rest assured that your requests are handled with utmost confidentiality and compassion, as we come together in faith to intercede on your behalf.

In Person

The white country churches that are at designated places in the church are for prayer requests. Your requests are gathered every Monday and sent out via email to members of the Prayer Force for prayer. 


Any person who truly believes in the power of prayer is welcome to join us at any time. Prayer is the Force that holds up the church, so we welcome you to join us.

Pray With Us

Members of the Prayer Force pray for every service on Sunday at 9:00am and 10:30am. You may pray alone or with a Prayer Force member at those times. Prayer Force members are also available for prayer in the Guest Services area before every service.

Join us in our Prayer Garden!

Prayer garden with cross on a waterfall and red Japanese maple trees
Graphic pattern representing three trumpets for evangelism.
Upcoming Events
A group gathered outside in a circle praying.

Join Prayer Force

Prayer has the power to bring people together. Joining a community of individuals who pray for one another can create a sense of closeness, comfort, and hope that can strengthen your connection with Jesus.

If you are interested in joining Prayer Force, please contact our Discipleship Coordinator, Brandi Waters. 

We meet the fourth Saturday of each month at 6pm for churchwide prayer and the third Sunday of each month at 4pm for discussion and prayer. 

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