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Our Ministries

At The Heights, we believe that there is a ministry for everyone. We strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can connect with God and grow in their faith. Whether you're a young adult seeking to grow as a leader, an addict seeking support and guidance, or a senior with a purpose to serve, we have something for you. Our ministries are designed to help individuals grow closer to God and develop meaningful relationships with others who share your faith and values. God has given everyone has a spiritual gift. By using those gifts to serve others, we can create a positive impact on our community and the world. We welcome you to explore our ministries and find the one that is right for you. 

"The Holy Spirit is ready and willing to fill us at any moment. We must make ourselves available to Him."
-Pastor Raymond
A group of preschool children learning about the bible from a young mentor.

Heights Kidz

Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

Our biblically-centered childcare for young ones, ranges from infants all the way through preschool. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:30 AM, so that parents are free to enjoy the worship experiences.

Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Heights Kidz ministry for kindergarten through fifth grade focuses on teaching the truth of the Bible through fun activities and worship with song and dance. By transforming Bible stories into enjoyable experiences, your child is more likely to stay engaged and retain the scripture. This provides a strong foundation for them to grow in their faith and discipleship. We are dedicated to providing you the resources and support to help guide them on the path towards a lifelong relationship with God.


Students Grade 6-12

Vertical serves as a pillar of support for Middle and High School students as you navigate your journey towards becoming better leaders in the community through Christ. Through this ministry, you are given the tools and guidance necessary to understand what it means to become the best version of yourself in the eyes of God. By emphasizing the importance of personal growth and development, Vertical encourages you to take an active role in your spiritual journey and use your talents and abilities to serve the community.


Maturing Adults 18-25

 Launch provides a safe and supportive environment for maturing adults to connect with others who are dealing with similar issues in life. By following scripture and the teachings of Jesus, you are encouraged to seek guidance and direction in your personal and professional lives as you navigate adulthood. Launch offers a space for you to grow in your faith, develop meaningful relationships, and explore your purpose in life.

A group of smiling teens with Vertical Ministry posing for the camera
Senior citizens lined up at a pizza buffet at the church.

Second Prime

Adults 65+

Second Prime offers ministries and programs that include Bible studies, fellowship groups, social outings, and volunteer opportunities, while enabling you to connect with others who share similar experiences and interests. Through these activities, many of our seniors are given a sense of purpose and belonging, which can be especially important as you face the challenges of retirement, health issues, and isolation. Our commitment to supporting senior adults helps to ensure that you are a valued member of the community, and that your wisdom, knowledge, and experience are cherished and appreciated.

Celebrate Recovery

CR Adults

Celebrate Recovery ensures that you are not alone in your journey towards healing and wholeness. As you progress through the program, you will discover your personal, loving, and forgiving High Power, Jesus Christ. We've created a community where you can find fellowship and celebrate God's healing power in your life through the 8 Recovery Principles and 12 Steps. We provide you with tools and guidance to break free from destructive patterns and behaviors. In this safe, supportive, and nurturing space you can overcome addiction and compulsion to find purpose and meaning in your life. 

The Landing

Middle & High School

The Landing provides a Christ-centered environment where you can find the support and encouragement you need to overcome your addictions, dysfunction, and compulsive behaviors. By sharing experiences with other teens who are going through similar struggles, you are able to develop a sense of community and belonging, which can be especially important during this critical stage in life. 

Celebrate Recovery Flag waving at a retreat.
Hope Dealer trailer parked outside the Salvation Army ready to donate to people in need.

Hope Dealers

Hope Ministries

We are committed to ministering to the needs of the community by providing transitional housing, food for those in need, and clothing for the homeless. We believe that this is an essential part of our mission to share God's love and the Word of Jesus. Through our outreach programs, we offer a safe and supportive environment where individuals can find healing and hope. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances. We are dedicated to helping those in need and sharing the love of Christ with them. By providing basic physical needs, we hope to help individuals find stability and security, and ultimately, meet their spiritual needs through a closer relationship with God.

Travlin Light

Motorcycle Ministry

Travlin Light is a unique ministry that offers a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to come together and share their love for God while also enjoying their love for motorcycles. Through this ministry, you can participate in various activities such as group rides, motorcycle events, and mission trips. You also have the opportunity to serve in the church and the community by volunteering in local events, helping out at homeless shelters, and ministering to those in need. 

Group of motorcycle enthusiasts gathered outside The Heights church getting ready to ride
Group of people outside in a circle of prayer during Prayer Force Ministry

Prayer Force

Prayer Team

Praying for someone else is a powerful act of kindness and compassion that can bring comfort and hope to those who need it. Our Prayer Ministry is dedicated to the power of prayer through community. With a mission to pray boldly and inspire others to pray passionately, we come together to lift up our needs and the needs of others to God. By creating a welcoming environment for prayer, we provide a space where you can connect with God and each other in meaningful ways.

Free Indeed

Exercise Ministry

Free Indeed is a group of like-minded people who are focused on both physical and spiritual health. By working out together and listening to worship music, you can connect with God on a deeper level while also strengthening your body. You can achieve a sense of wholeness and balance, and the support of others is a powerful motivator to maintain a consistent exercise routine. The end result is a stronger relationship with Christ, better physical health, and a sense of belonging and purpose within a supportive community.

Women exercising during Free Indeed Exercise Ministry
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