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Adam Rose

Worship Pastor

Adam is not merely a musician and worship leader; he is an individual who has wholeheartedly dedicated his life to serving God through the transformative power of music. Growing up in a family of worship leaders and musicians, he learned to play the keyboard, guitar, and bass from an early age.

Through his music, Adam has played at revivals for various denominations and is part of the Three16Band, a group comprised of worship leaders and pastors from different churches. On stage, leading worship, he finds spiritual inspiration and fulfillment. But Adam's connection to God's creation goes beyond the music. He also finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature, recognizing that each person's spiritual journey is unique and deeply personal.

Adam's authenticity and humility shine through in his faith and his music. The song "Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns resonates deeply with him as it reflects his own journey of following God's call. Adam strives to be true to himself and his faith, aiming to inspire others to embark on their own spiritual quests and become beacons of light and agents of positive change in the world.

In contemplating historical figures, there is one person Adam would like to meet: Elvis Presley – a man he respects for his spiritual connection and love for gospel, country, and rock & roll. Elvis was a regular southern man who had a genuine love for the Lord and Adam aspires to his unyielding passion for music and faith, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and lives of those he encounters.

In all aspects of his life, Adam Rose remains dedicated to serving God through music and sharing the joy he has found in his faith. His humble and genuine approach, combined with his deep love for others and desire to make a positive impact, make him a true salt and light in the world.

(704) 827-8474 ext. 116

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