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Becky Carriker

Administrative Worship Assistant

Becky's life has been a beautiful tapestry woven with threads of faith, family, and a deep love for music. Growing up in a family with a rich musical heritage, Becky was instilled with a passion for serving the Lord through music by her grandparents. They would gather around the piano, singing hymns and sharing their love for God. This musical legacy has now been passed down to her son, Steven, who serves as a percussionist in the church.

From a young age, Becky has been an active member of The Heights church, starting her journey by working in the daycare when she was just a teenager. Though she initially aspired to become a counselor, God had different plans for her. As she began volunteering in the church's music ministry, she discovered her true calling. Since then, Becky has faithfully served as the worship assistant, nurturing a deep connection between worship and her faith.

Despite being naturally introverted, Becky's love for the Lord fills her with the confidence to perform on stage. She recognizes that her best self emerges when she is in His presence. To prioritize her relationship with God, Becky carves out time for Him, even amidst her busy schedule. This intentional devotion keeps her grounded and strengthens her faith.

One of the greatest joys in Becky's life is spending time with her grandchildren. Their innocent perspective and sense of wonder bring her immense happiness. Sharing moments and experiences with them is a precious gift that she treasures dearly.

Becky finds comfort in being needed by her family. And the love she holds for them and her unwavering faith have woven together to create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Through music, worship, and the bonds she shares with her loved ones, Becky's story reminds us of the beauty that can be found in a life centered around faith and love.

(704) 827-8474 ext. 106

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