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Justin Schultz

Student Pastor

Justin's life took an unexpected turn when he felt a divine calling to ministry at the age of 26. Although he had pursued a business degree, God revealed that youth ministry was his true path. Connecting with people and being a skilled communicator, Justin finds great fulfillment in leading, mentoring, and supporting young minds.

Justin's own journey has been full of mentors, but one person who stands out is Merrie Johnson. Merrie has been an instrument of God to encourage and motivate, shaping Justin into a better pastor and lifelong learner. Her leadership style is rooted in inspiration, always leading by example, and showing the way through her own actions. Whenever Justin faces challenges or uncertainty, he finds solace in asking himself, "What would Merrie do?" Through her leadership, he has learned the importance of influence, inspiration, and motivation in leading others effectively.

Given the opportunity to turn back time and spend a moment with William Tyndale, the translator of the Bible into English, Justin would eagerly embrace the chance. Tyndale's relentless pursuit of making God's Word available to the common people, even in the face of opposition from the church, is truly awe-inspiring. And learning of this trailblazer’s unwavering determination has left an indelible mark on Justin’s own journey of faith.

Second only to his faith in God, Justin's unwavering commitment to family underscores his deep-rooted values and priorities. His daughters, Laney and Maddie, embrace their involvement in church and ministries alongside their dad. As a pastor, Justin has applied invaluable lessons to his family life, encouraging his children to also contribute important wisdom from their own engagement with the church.

Finding comfort in the small things, like when someone comes up to him and says they are praying for him, are moments that serve as reminders of God's love and the power of following one's calling. Justin's journey has affirmed his calling to ministry, leading him to impact the lives of youth and their families. Anchored by his strong faith, he remains open to divine guidance, always seeking personal growth, learning, and leading others on the path of faith.

(704) 827-8474 ext. 104

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