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Raymond Johns Jr.

Senior Pastor

Raymond's life had been filled with bitterness before he came to know Christ. He tried to drown his anger in drinking and smoking, putting his relationship with the woman he loved at risk. However, everything changed when he encountered Jesus. It was a transformative experience that made him a completely different person.

Raymond's life had been filled with dramatic moments that ultimately led him to The Heights Church, where he has faithfully served for 28 years. Max Pendleton, a man of prayer and faith, played a significant role in Raymond's journey. Max has been a constant presence, guiding and encouraging him toward ministry. Raymond's decision to join The Heights was not without its challenges, but the overwhelming support from the staff and Max's assurance solidified his path.

In the past, Raymond worked tirelessly for Duke Power, shoveling frozen coal to ensure people had power. But he made the courageous decision to leave that stable job, one he could have retired from, to pursue an unpopular version of preaching the truth of the Bible and sharing the love of Jesus. He stripped himself of everything to learn and practice his Christian faith wholeheartedly.

His time at Gardner Webb University, though initially uncertain, was marked by divine interventions. Despite a less-than-stellar academic record, Dr. Randy Kilby, who oversaw admissions, saw potential in Raymond and offered him a full scholarship. But in the midst of his studies, Raymond and his wife faced severe hardships at the nearby farmhouse they rented. They experienced the biting cold, where the wind blew through the walls. Ministry meant no groceries, and with a pregnant wife and lack of insurance, they struggled to make ends meet. Yet, their faith endured, and they found solace in knowing that their ultimate joy came from Yahweh. Raymond completed his studies in half the time, guided by God's presence and clarity. In a moment of divine intervention, Raymond opened a complex book for an upcoming test. To his astonishment, his eyes could read and understand two pages at once, with remarkable clarity. It was in that extraordinary moment that Raymond realized God's undeniable presence guiding him on his path.

Through numerous trials and divine interventions, Raymond's faith remains unshakable. He witnesses God's faithfulness time and time again, reaffirming the calling to ministry as more than a mere coincidence. Reflecting on his journey of 28 years at The Heights, he knows the significance of the people and experiences that shaped his path. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the unwavering presence of God.

(704) 827-8474 ext. 108

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