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Rodney Alexander

Celebrate Recovery Pastor

Rodney's life story is a remarkable tale of redemption and transformation. Once a prosperous owner of a motorcycle shop, his days were consumed by ego and addiction. However, when he reached the lowest point in his life, Rodney sought solace and guidance at The Heights church, embarking on a remarkable journey of personal growth.

Immersing himself in the various ministries at The Heights, Rodney discovered the profound joy of serving others and meeting both their physical and spiritual needs. For the past 18 years, he and his wife have been faithful members, blessed with a large and loving family of five children and 11 grandchildren.

Out of Rodney's own journey emerged a ministry called Hope Dealers. Starting as a modest service out of a trailer, this ministry now operates twice a month, aiming to bring hope and support to those in need. The name itself symbolizes Rodney's personal transformation from being a "dope dealer" to becoming a beacon of hope in the lives of others. Through generous donations and unwavering dedication, the ministry has become a powerful instrument for spreading the message of Jesus.

Rodney considers his faith as a service manual for his life, relying on the wisdom of the Bible to mend his broken past and build a brighter future. Having witnessed firsthand the perils of ego and addiction, Rodney firmly believes that ministry is not just about verbalizing the teachings of Jesus; it is about exemplifying them through acts of service and boundless love.

Friday nights at The Heights hold a special place in Rodney's heart, as he witnesses the incredible transformations taking place through Celebrate Recovery. Rodney is committed to being "infectious," spreading the message of hope to all he encounters. His life story stands as a remarkable testament to the life-changing impact of faith and the extraordinary power of serving others with love.

(704) 827-8474

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