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Stacy Curtis

Preschool Minister

Stacy's journey to becoming the preschool minister at The Heights church was undeniably a divine calling from God. With a background in healthcare, working with both the elderly and children, Stacy's heart was stirred when her best friend, the previous preschool minister, announced her departure. Sensing God's leading, Stacy shared her calling with Pastor Jeremy, who confirmed that God had also placed her in his heart for the position. She feels immensely blessed to witness the children’s spiritual journey for the past four years, immersing herself in the joy of watching the children as they sing songs, recite memory verses, and engage in prayer.

Stacy feels an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be a part of The Heights church. Here, individuals can come as they are, and that no matter their past, God's grace can wash them completely clean and guide them toward their true calling. The essence of her faith is encapsulated in her favorite song, "Redeemer." Inspired by the powerful scripture passage in the Book of Job, it serves as a constant reminder that no matter the hardships anyone faces, they can find strength to endure, and that they will see God with their own eyes and in their own flesh.

Outside her ministry, Stacy finds fulfillment in her role as a mother and grandmother and finding tranquility through activities like hiking, boating, and enjoying the serene presence of pools or the ocean Her unwavering faith, evident in her daily work, reflects her profound dedication to God and others. As she continues to lead the preschool ministry at The Heights, Stacy's presence is a beacon of light, guiding young hearts toward a deep understanding of God's love and acceptance.

(704) 827-8474 ext. 111

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